A Vision of the Aquarian Age

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Saint Germain: I officially inaugurate the Aquarian age

The Alpha aspect, the Divine Father aspect, is not simply religion — as it has traditionally been conceived — but every aspect of how you imagine your potential. As we have recently said, the masculine is "what can be done," the feminine is "how it can be done.

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And then, state, or the feminine, gives you the practical vision of how it can be done, how you desire to express it. What, then, is the primary preconceived idea, that you might question? Well, it is another aspect of the fallen consciousness, namely that there is only one right way to do it. This is, again, tied in to what I have explained about the judgmental consciousness, that wants to set up a standard for what is right and wrong, and evaluate everything based on that standard. Take that consciousness, make an effort to see it as an expression of the fallen consciousness, and then realize, that I am not here talking about going into the opposite extreme of saying that anything goes.

The Aquarian Age

For, when you reach for the Alpha of the vision of the Spirit, you know what can be done, what should be done and what is not right because it will not provide growth for yourself or for other aspects of life. But even when you see what can be done, and what is right from a higher perspective, there are still many ways that it can be done.

Many times we see our spiritual students have a correct vision of what should be done, but they cannot agree on how it should be done. And then, what do they do? Well, they fall prey to the belief, that there can only be one right way to do it, and that even we of the ascended masters have only one right way to run an organization, for example.

And thus, what happens? There is the inevitable division into factions, where one faction will say: "Our way is the way the masters want. Realize, that there will be many different ways to do the same thing, that can all be valid and all be a contribution. For we realize, that in the fallen consciousness there is this underlying mentality, that there is only one right way to do it, and that all should conform to it.

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Is this not, my beloved, what we have exposed recently in Rome , in the Roman Catholic Church, of the suppression of individuality by the structure? The submission to the structure, thereby the individual suppressing its individual creativity in order to conform to the structure. Well, if you are ascended master students, question the idea, that in the Aquarian age there will be only one valid religion.

Question the idea that we of the ascended masters want to see the emergence of one religion.

William Blake and the Age of Aquarius, Stephen F. Eisenman

Question the idea that we of the ascended masters want to see all people recognize the ascended masters and one particular teaching of the ascended masters as the superior religion of the Aquarian age. In the Golden Age, diversity will be seen as the greatest potential Do you see the fallacy of the fallen consciousness? What is the essence of the fallen beings and their desire for control? They must suppress not only free will, but individual creativity. Each one of you is an individualized extension of the Creator's Being. What makes up your individuality? Certain characteristics, a certain crystalline structure, as the Great Divine Director explained recently.

Your individuality is the crystalline structure, and when the light of God shines through it, your individual crystalline structure can bring forth an expression that is unique, that is not in competition with others, that does not exclude or destroy or obscure the expression of others. But they all compliment each other, forming a beautiful facet of life.

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This concept cannot be fathomed by the fallen consciousness, for to the fallen consciousness diversity can be seen only as a threat—whereas in the ascended consciousness, diversity is seen as the ultimate expression of God. Why did the Creator choose to individualize its own being? Because the Creator wanted to express itself as many individual facets, having them all form, each, a facet of the diamond mind of God.

The Creator has given you free will, because the Creator desires to see variety, individuality, diversity. This is the Creator's desire; that is why the Creator has expressed itself as many individual co-creators.

The Creator could have sat there, as the Creator, and created an entire world — it could even have populated it with robots — where everything was perfect. But the Creator did not desire to do this, partly because the Creator realizes, that such a mechanical creation gets awfully boring after a while. Nevertheless, the Creator decided to express itself through diversity. And so, we of the ascended masters are committed to seeing that expression.

A Vision of the Aquarian Age

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A Vision of the Aquarian Age A Vision of the Aquarian Age
A Vision of the Aquarian Age A Vision of the Aquarian Age
A Vision of the Aquarian Age A Vision of the Aquarian Age
A Vision of the Aquarian Age A Vision of the Aquarian Age
A Vision of the Aquarian Age A Vision of the Aquarian Age
A Vision of the Aquarian Age A Vision of the Aquarian Age

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