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What is Aquamarine?

Today the finest I have purchased have come from Ankosobe, Madagascar. Other great sources include Nigeria, Mozambique, Zambia, Pakistan, Tanzania and recently fine aqua crystals have come from Vietnam. Many other countries produce aquarmarine including to a small degree the United States mostly from Colorado and California.

No, it cannot be clear. Clear beryl is known as Goshenite, which is different than this gemstone. Some greenish blue colors are highly desirable while in others the green is a detractor and is often heated to remove the yellow component that causes the green. Aquas come quite large so size does not affect price as much as it does in other gems. Because the lighter color of aquamarines, inclusions are easily seen within the stone, therefore clarity has a significant effect on price. Density is significantly different so hefting a stone can sometimes give a clue to which it is with the topaz being the heavyweight.

Many topaz are just too deep of color to be an aqua.

Aquamarine Gemstones by Size

Otherwise the previously mentioned gemological equipment will tell the difference. Aquamarine is a beryl a beryllium aluminum silicate mineral, which includes, emerald green , green beryl lighter non chromium green , morganite pink to peach , heliodore yellow to golden yellow , bixbite pink to red , goshenite colorless. Most any cleaning method including ultrasonic cleaners can be used. Avoid steam cleaning.

No, its not aquamarine or blue topaz, its blue zircon that is the birthstone for December. This term was originally related to price and is no longer a valid term for Aquamarine with its current high prices. Aquamarines are 7. Yes due to the presence of iron it is slightly to moderately magnetic which can help in the separation from topaz and synthetic blue spinel. They are not just another sparkly semi-precious gemstone, though. Aquamarine rock has many uses and benefits. It has been used to protect sailors, purify water and heal the sick, just to name a few of the many aquamarine benefits at the heart of aquamarine meaning.

Aquamarine history dates back over 4, years to the Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times and beyond. As legend has it, the clear blue mineral rock was a treasure of the mythical mermaids. Aquamarine stones have long been considered the "sailor's lucky stone.

This ancient history has remained an integral part of aquamarine meaning. The aquamarine stone's reputation persisted throughout Ancient Greek and Roman times. They believed the clear blue mineral rock provided safe passage to sailors and people who traveled by sea.

Aquamarine rock was thought to alleviate sea-sickness as well.

Urban Dictionary: Aquamarine

The Ancient Romans used aquamarine stones to purify water, a use at the heart of aquamarine meaning. Ancient Roman craftsmen would make goblets from aquamarine stone to take advantage of its purifying properties.

Roman fishermen were the first to refer to the blue or blue-green aquamarine gemstones as aqua marinus in Latin or aquamarine meaning "water of the sea. Ancient Roman physicians used aquamarine to treat such disorders as poor digestion that resulted in overeating and edema. All of these beliefs have become part of aquamarine meaning.

Aquamarine was thought to provide protection from dark forces and encourage the spirits of light to look upon one favorably. Aquamarine was also thought of as a stone of happiness and eternal youth. Ancient Egyptians believed aquamarine was the stone of the sea-goddesses. Aquamarine stone amulets were worn for good health and pain relief.

Aquamarine Meaning and Healing Properties

Aquamarine gemstone beads were found in the mummy pits of Ancient Egyptians. The two gemstones worn at the shoulder by the High Priest of the Second Temple were believed to be two aquamarine stones with 6 tribes of Israel engraved on them. Queen Elizabeth was given a necklace and pendant earrings made with deep blue aquamarine gemstones as a gift from the President and People of Brazil in She so loved the blue aquamarine color that she had a tiara made with aquamarine gemstones in Aquamarine is a transparent semi-precious form of beryl. Emeralds are also a type of beryl.

Aquamarine color varies slightly.

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There are turquoise or blue-green aquamarine stones and blue aquamarine stones. They can be quite dark or have only a hint of color. The darker aquamarine gemstones are considered more valuable. Aquamarine stone meaning is based on its namesake. The sea and all that it represents are included in aquamarine meaning. Aquamarine represents relaxing calm as well as exhilaration.

It is considered to be a stone that cleanses away the bad by encouraging one to let go of feelings and experiences that can become barriers. Aquamarine crystal meaning includes the stone's ability to inspire truth and trust. The clear blue mineral rock's reflective properties inspire further aquamarine meaning connected to the way the heavens are reflected on the surface of the sea. These reflective properties impart the ability to uncover hidden truths. Exploration into the depths of one's soul, or having a face-to-face with oneself or others, is facilitated by aquamarine stone. These aquamarine properties are all at the heart of aquamarine meaning.

Aquamarine stone's ability to reduce one's fear of public speaking is an integral part of aquamarine meaning.

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This is an excellent gemstone for public presenters and teachers. Aquamarine stones encourage calm, reflective relaxation that reveals the speaker's wisdom, feelings and truths to him or herself. Clear, motivating communication will come easily without fear or anger.

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All of these aquamarine benefits are tied into aquamarine meaning. Aquamarine gemstones facilitate the process of intellectual reasoning while enhancing one's ability to respond quickly with answers. Learning about oneself and the world in general is made easier by aquamarine stone which is connected with aquamarine meaning. Perseverance and discipline are strengthened while the mood is lifted. Aquamarine properties inspire humanitarian efforts in healing and helping others. A kind, compassionate yet responsible demeanor is encouraged by aquamarine, in keeping with aquamarine meaning. People who are often judgmental become more tolerant and those who are easily overwhelmed by their responsibilities become better at managing things.

Spiritual healing is enhanced with aquamarine due to its ability to make men and women feel more empowered yet realize that power does not have to come only from force. Aquamarine properties help one realize self-empowerment through clear, honest, compassionate communication, in keeping with aquamarine meaning. Women find the courage to express their thoughts and find it easier to develop their intuitive abilities.

Men find communication easier with aquamarine as it helps cut through the barrier of emotional numbness to allow them to speak more freely. When the gates and barriers to communication are taken away, spiritual healing becomes easier.

Aquamarine Quality Factors

Hidden truths are revealed more clearly with the reflective properties of aquamarine, as supported by aquamarine meaning. Aquamarine healing properties provide the courage to work through communication difficulties in all aspects of life but are especially useful in communication with the Divine. Messages are clarified with the use of aquamarine as supported by aquamarine meaning.

Aquamarine is considered a gateway crystal that facilitates access to the Divine Feminine's outer manifestations and within oneself. Aquamarine meaning in Divination: Go with what is on offer rather than waiting for the ideal opportunity or time.

Aquamarine Aquamarine
Aquamarine Aquamarine
Aquamarine Aquamarine
Aquamarine Aquamarine
Aquamarine Aquamarine
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