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Later, as Pete assists John and Lesley, a report comes in of an attack on a French shipping boat; several men escaped in a raft. The French survivors are questioned by psychiatrists, and when the first sailor's description of a creature with giant tentacles is met with skepticism, the other sailors refuse to testify.

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Lesley is able to convince the first sailor to repeat his story for government officials, who then have the evidence they need. The U. John flies out to sea to trace a missing ship, while Pete and Lesley follow up on a report of three missing people off the coast of Oregon. The local sheriff, Bill Nash Harry Lauter , takes Pete and Lesley to the site of the attack, where they find a giant suction cup imprint in the beach sand; they then request that John join them.

Bill is later attacked along the beach by the giant octopus, right in front of the two scientists. They escape, and together they hastily arrange for all Pacific coast waters to be mined before departing for San Francisco and the Navy's headquarters. An electrified safety net is strung underwater across the entrance to San Francisco Bay to protect the Golden Gate Bridge , which has also been electrified.

It Came from Beneath the Sea (clip)

John takes a helicopter along the shoreline and baits the sea with dead sharks in an effort to lure the creature inland. Lesley demonstrates to reporters a special jet-propelled atomic torpedo, which they hope to fire at the giant octopus, while driving it back to the open sea before detonating the weapon. Later that day, the creature demolishes the underwater net, irritated by the electrical voltage, and heads toward San Francisco.

The navy orders the Golden Gate Bridge abandoned, but when John learns that the electric circuit there has been left on, he races to the bridge to shut it off. The creature, however, catches sight of the bridge and attacks it, the electrical voltage irritating it even more.

Beneath The Sea

Pete is able to rescue John just before a bridge section is brought down by a giant tentacle. The residents of San Francisco panic and begin a mass exodus down the peninsula. The navy struggles to evacuate the Embarcadero and the Ferry Building , which is battered by the creature's giant tentacles. When more people are attacked and killed, the Defense Department authorizes Pete to take out the submarine and fire the torpedo; John joins Pete while Lesley remains at the base.

Flamethrowers push the giant tentacles back into the sea, but when Pete fires the jet torpedo into the creature, it grabs the submarine.

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Using an aqualung , Pete swims up to the massive body and places explosive charges before being knocked out by the creature's flailing tentacles. John then swims out and shoots at one of its eyes, forcing the giant octopus to release the submarine; he then pulls Pete to safety. Back at the base, as the creature turns toward the open sea, the torpedo is detonated, completely destroying the giant cephalopod. Much of the filming was done at the San Francisco Naval Shipyard , including scenes aboard a submarine, and several naval personnel were given supporting roles.

To keep shooting costs low, director Robert Gordon shot inside an actual submarine, both above and under water, using handheld cameras. For a scene that takes place on a stretch of Pacific coastline, Gordon and his crew dumped several truckloads of sand onto a sound stage at Columbia, which they backed with a rear projection screen. During their scene together, Kenneth Tobey found himself sinking through the sand to the point of appearing shorter than Faith Domergue on camera, forcing him to dig himself out of the hole between every take.

A new kind of Art

A more extensive love scene had been written for the characters but was literally torn out of the shooting script by Sam Katzman, to keep principal photography from going over schedule. The octopus stop-motion effects were designed and animated by Ray Harryhausen. The effects budget, however, was getting slightly out of hand, and for this reason, Sam Katzman allowed Harryhausen only enough money for animating six of the octopus' eight tentacles; two were eliminated on the final shooting miniature.

Harryhausen jokingly named his giant octopus "the sixtopus" this behind-the-scenes detail was revealed years later in a science fiction magazine.

The Fires Beneath the Sea : Small Beer Press

For the scenes where a single tentacle is seen moving up and around the bridge superstructure, Harryhausen used a single large model tentacle instead of employing the complete animation model. Some of the bridge scenes employ a shooting miniature of a bridge support, which was then composited in post-production over live footage of the real support; this is the bridge section that the "sixtopus" is seen clinging to in the final scene.

Its success led to Harryhausen-Schneer collaborating again for Earth vs. Time Out called it a "minor entry in the '50s cycle of radiation-paranoia sci-fi pics"; [9] and Moria noted, "Most of the film is told in a stolid, flat style that seems more like an Army training documentary than a dramatic film. The problem is that one has to plod through three-quarters of the film to get to the monster sequences Certainly, when the climactic scenes of wholesale destruction do arrive they are great"; [10] whereas Allmovie wrote that the film "utilized elements of the documentary, with a narration that makes the first half of the movie seem almost like a newsreel, which gives the action a greater immediacy.

This is all presented in a cool, clipped realistic manner, with a strong but convincingly stated macho tone And dark spots in the dolomite hinted that there was yet another surprise to come, researcher Glen Snyder, a professor at Meiji University in Japan, told Live Science at the conference.

While the hydrates were quite large, measuring up to 16 feet 5 meters long, the dolomite grains were tiny — about 30 microns, or 0. The researchers discovered the dolomite in residue left behind after they chemically separated the hydrates into gas and water.

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Fluorescent staining of dark cores in the grains revealed that they contained genetic material, which glowed under UV light. It represented "high concentrations" of microbial matter, the scientists reported at the AGU meeting. Microbes are known to live around gas hydrates ; nevertheless, it was entirely unexpected to find these nested microbial tenants inside mineral grains that were inside the hydrates, Snyder said. The staining couldn't show whether the microbes were alive or not, and microbiologists are currently working to interpret the microbial DNA and identify the microbes, according to the presentation.

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Because the microbes are effectively sealed inside a "pristine environment," scientists can be fairly certain that the organisms were naturally present in that area, and were not accidentally introduced by scientific equipment or human intervention, according to Snyder.

Beneath The Sea Beneath The Sea
Beneath The Sea Beneath The Sea
Beneath The Sea Beneath The Sea
Beneath The Sea Beneath The Sea
Beneath The Sea Beneath The Sea
Beneath The Sea Beneath The Sea
Beneath The Sea Beneath The Sea
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