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Use 6 Steps to Coach Employees to Help Improve their Work Performance

The law of diminishing returns applies here. The more you try to pack into a coaching session, the less the agent will get out of it.

Limit your discussion to a single aspect of performance. Start by highlighting the positive , ask open-ended questions, and focus on the behavior not the person. But the focus of the session should be behaviors that can help them improve. Showing agents how they compare with the overall team on a particular performance measure makes them more amenable to coaching and more invested in improving their performance.

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Encourage agents to assess their own performance and identify any barriers to improvement time, customer service training, tools, etc. Ask them for their ideas on how to correct the problem s. You know your agents are capable of correcting performance issues and are eager to improve. Show this in the way you coach. Setting a collaborative tone will lead to better outcomes and pave the way for more productive customer service coaching sessions in the future.

A crucial rule of a thumb is to motivate in public and develop face-to-face.

The Art of Coaching: Enabling Employees to Achieve Their Potential

Show your appreciation for the hard work your agents do every day to represent the brand. This will remind them of their essential role and their value to the team and the company. Continue reading below for 15 customer service training tips…. It is not an extra. Be sure to balance periodic one-to-many training sessions with daily agent coaching sessions from managers.

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OKRs help agents see the big picture and where they fit in. OKRs can also help improve product testing, customer training webinars, corporate content, employee coaching and training programs, help center resources, and customer experience design. Start with high-level expectations and work your way down brand, department, then supervisor expectations.

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This helps agents think more critically about their role so they can identify opportunities to streamline operations and improve service quality. This will leave agents better prepared to resolve issues on first contact. If more than a few agents are struggling in a particular area of service product knowledge, for example , schedule a group customer service training session to address the topic. This will help the team focus on specific problems that are impacting customer satisfaction. Confident, enthusiastic agents are trained to take ownership of the service experience. Instead of strict scripts and rules, give them the knowledge, authority, resources, and tools they need to take charge of the situation, find answers, resolve issues on their own, and make customers happy.

This takes an investment, but the rewards are worth it! To help agents engineer authentic experiences that drive profits, and to help them negotiate complex or tricky customer encounters, combine role play and other experiential learning methods with recordings and transcripts of ideal service interactions. Provide a mix of learning aids and experiences, including peer-led training a team favorite.

7 Tips for Coaching Employees to Improve Performance

Coaching is there to help everyone succeed. Effective coaches inspire and listen. They build strong relationships of trust based on knowing their people and good communication skills. Coaches must be willing work alongside the employee, or take the blame if something was done poorly. You can give anyone a step-by-step guide on how to do something. Some people need more visual coaching, others are auditory. Some are hands on. People have different motivations.

This variety of factors and personalities can make coaching as much of an art as science. But done correctly, coaching can help your employees and your company come away with a win in the end. Download our free e-book: How to develop a top-notch workforce that will accelerate your business. I am a Toastmaster and we have pretty much the same goals as a coach their were very good pointers for anyone but I believe you must motivate yourself first and things will begin to fall in place.

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Coaching and Mentoring For Dummies

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Coaching Staff for Success

Get tips from our specialists in your inbox Looking for an easy way to keep up on the latest business and HR best practices? Follow these steps to make your coaching and feedback process more effective. Decide what you want to accomplish Before you go to your employees with a new project, you need to be clear in your own mind about what you want them to accomplish. Stay on top of the process Circle back at regular intervals to check progress and encourage employees to ask questions if they have any concerns or issues.

Give feedback Feedback is a two-way process. Review and recalibrate Meet a final time with your employees to look back on the project as a whole.

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  • Keep it collaborative No matter the situation, coaching conversations should flow both ways with ample opportunity for mutual feedback and discussion. As much art as science Coaching is there to help everyone succeed. Leave a comment 2 Comments. Join in the conversation. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer.

    This information can then be used to help you create effective development plans and have more insightful 1-on-1 conversations with each member of your team. Coaching is an increasingly important part of a modern manager's job. Download our free White Paper on How to Develop Your Managers for more insights on how to equip your managers with the skills they need to lead the modern workforce. Learn what people actually want from their manager and how to develop your managers for the modern workforce.

    7 Steps to Coaching Your Employees to Success

    Understand the challenges managers face and explore practical tips you can use unlock and improve the employee experience for everyone at your company. Learn more about what these changes mean for today's managers and how you can identify and develop your managers accordingly. It can feel intimidating and threatening for individuals who may lack the confidence to speak their mind. Learn how to encourage this within your teams. Sign up to our newsletter and join a community of like-minded professionals accelerating their career with the latest industry trends and insights.

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