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We moved your item s to Saved for Later. There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there. Eritrea Remembered. The Africans who are free can also appreciate the position of slaves in Abyssinia [Ethiopia]. What right has the Emperor to keep slaves when all the democratic sections of the world were free, when men had the right to live, to develop, to expand, to enjoy all the benefits of human liberty? He only reluctantly later embraced the Rastafarians because he understood their public relations value for his cult of personality.

In his songs, Teddy Afro proclaims unity and love for all Ethiopians. It is worth asking how Ethiopian unity is served by his praise for these monarchs. A selective reading of history does little to build a strong national foundation. Rather, a new social contract is desperately needed which respects the pluralism and diversity of the country.

Historical accounts of the reign of Menelik II show him as contemptuous of blackness, an expansionist, an enslaver and cruel. As a case in point, Eritreans made important, though little-acknowledged contributions to the Ethiopian victory over the Italian colonisers in Adwa in by gathering crucial intelligence on Italian war strategy.

Emperor Menelik II returned the favour by savagely amputating the arms and legs of Eritrean war prisoners. Never mind that these poor Eritrean peasants were violently forced to fight under Italy, just as other European colonialists used Africans, Indians and other colonial subjects as cannon fodder for their wars of conquest everywhere.

For instance, his state of mind was revealed through a comment to a Haitian dignitary that he did not consider himself to be a black man. Invoking Selassie or Menelik II as Teddy Afro does polarises communities because it insults those who do not share this interpretation of history and the terrible legacy of these monarchs.

Nipsey Hussle’s Eritrean American Dream

These clients maintained power through repression and the murder and silencing of true patriots. Yet, efforts are underway to depict Selassie as a pan-Africanist and a visionary. Some have campaigned vigorously for his statue to be erected in front of the African Union building in Addis Ababa. Sadly, the African Union has acceded to the request. While the emperor was in exile in Bath, England, Taezaz secretly slipped into Ethiopia and organised the Arbeghoch patriots.

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He recruited 2, or so Eritreans who had fled Italian colonial rule to fight for Ethiopia from their refugee settlements in Kenya. He also smuggled weapons for the Arbegnoch. A famous speech delivered by Selassie, famed for developing his aura as statesman and defender of his people, at the League of Nations in , is widely believed to have been written by Taezaz. The emperor eventually repaid Taezaz by demoting him from his position as Foreign Minister.

He died soon after in in suspicious circumstances. Does Selassie deserve to be depicted as a dictator? The historical record provides a decisive answer. He travelled widely, visiting the United States many times, only stopping once in Jamaica in These are too numerous and ghastly for the scope of this piece.

Similarly, the autocrat is remembered in Tigray for inviting the British Royal Air Force to bomb the region in to quell what came to be known as the first Woyane Rebellion. He was also harsh towards those Ethiopian patriots who fought against the Italians while he fled to Britain.

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For example, Belay Zeleke, a national war hero was hung on his orders. It seems unconscionable to praise a murderous traitor and his victim, too. Music heightens and releases endorphins creating a sense of belonging among people with shared sentiments which can lead to collective action.

The misplaced form of black nationalism created by Rastafarians, in giving reverence to a man who never deserved it, is therefore harmful. It is often said that the victors or the powerful are the ones who write history.

Leaks from Eritrea, Africa's North Korea

History is ill served when popular celebrities and musicians motivated by religion or some kind of hyper-nationalism misrepresent the past. This is offensive to the victims and divisive for communities who need genuine solidarity. Why did the Head of the Catholic Church in Rome approve the invasion of another Christian Kingdom or country in Africa who start this blackness issue when African are brown or dark brown skin.??? I would appreciate your reply. Despite the fact that the Genocide of our people from was carried out with poison gas, purchased from Hitler, and used by Mussolini, the League of Nations of which Ethiopia was a member, ignored the fascist mass-extermination campaign…despite the fact that King Haile Selassie I was a founding member of the United Nations established in …that body established a human rights council and excluded the genocide in Ethiopia but included the genocide in Europe from , dispute the fact they occurred virtually within the same time frame.

Professor Richard Pankhurst called it out by saying same thing. If you truly want to defend HIM join us in carrying out his work. Why is it that when there are black kings and queens portrayed in A somewhat positive let everyone, mostly their own people try to tear them down. The monarchs promote nationalism, these are people who are respected by others outside the country. You think a few policies are going to make the plight of the Ethiopian people go away? The people need to be proud, love themselves and others more than their tribe and believe they are black and better than the european devils.

Then our youth will stay home and build rather than run away to the arms of the Arab slave masters or white devils. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson has streets , schools etc named after him yet he owned many slaves and raped lots of them. Christopher Columbus is as a mass murderer and reverred everywhere. Thieving queen of England is still walking around to this day having been responsible or related to the very people who have killed millions all over Africa including Ethiopia.

Also the rastas and black people in general always rallied behind Ethiopia as the shining representation of freedom and black people defeating colonial white devils. How is that not assimilation? Your very biased.

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Thank you sir for providing a truly insightful comment. But reading the comments, now I see the balance of truth. Your comment was like a light turning on! Thanks again. This is Marxist propaganda!! He is still remembered by millions around the world with affection.


May is murderer be brought to justice and may the Royal family be restored in !! After reading this article on the August Emperor, I find some inaccuracy. That is why mothers or other relatives who enquire about someone who has been arrested are intimidated and hushed with violent methods. What the system ultimately wants is to erase the memory of you, erase your name. That is the central, innermost part of such a depraved policy. It tells about where you are.

Marian Haley Beil (Author of Eritrea Remembered)

It is place, it is country. It tells about you. Their names tell about a history that the regime does not want to be remembered. By erasing their names, the dictator tries to erase the past. Because he wants history to acquiesce to his own objectives and to revolve around his name.

It is a form of social, psychological and political violence to deprive children from visiting their fathers and mothers. The system of disappearances is the attempt to distort history and kill the memory of those who had the courage to protest against the regime which deprived the nation of its honour as a sovereign nation-state.

However, the disappeared are our sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, our children, our friends and their memory cannot die. The erasure of their names is an attempt to bury values, the very values of freedom we have all fought for, for a better future for us and future generations. That is why their names are our names. That memory and those names cannot die, unless we all die.

Eritrea Remembered Eritrea Remembered
Eritrea Remembered Eritrea Remembered
Eritrea Remembered Eritrea Remembered
Eritrea Remembered Eritrea Remembered
Eritrea Remembered Eritrea Remembered
Eritrea Remembered Eritrea Remembered

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