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Chapter 1 [PDF]. Hibbing, Science. Weeden and Kurzban remind us that self-interest is a complicated concept. Altschuler, Huffington Post. A fascinating book.

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The Hidden Agenda of the Political Mind answers an important question and provides new depth to many of the popular theories on opinion formation and partisan attachments. By showing how self-interest factors into our decision making in ways we do not even consciously understand and how political parties exploit that to their advantage and by doing so in a way that is accessible outside an academic audience, the authors will likely make a significant contribution to the general understanding of public opinion.

Read it and weep, or laugh.

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  • Roberto shares a great presentational idea for a trick Roberto Giobbi shares a great idea about practising false deals Gordon Bruce gave him. Introducing the first in a series of videos and posts from none other than Roberto Giobbi, in which he shares entries from his Hidden Agenda.

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