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We get a lot of questions about the characters as the story expands. While it's our goal to make The Arcana available to as many people as possible, we have not at this time announced additional languages.

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If we decide to add this feature, it will be announced on our social media pages. In this mini-game, you must attempt to get a complete set of four hearts from one of your love interests! Each turn, the three characters on the board will move in random directions to new locations. Then, you'll get to spin and move spaces. Your goal is to land on the same space as a character, which earns you a heart.


Earn four hearts from a single character to win! Along the way, Faust will do her best to help. You'll also have opportunities to be daring and win extra hearts when night falls. There are three types of power-ups in Heart Hunter:.

On your turn, before you move, tap one of the power-ups at the bottom of the screen. You can then use the power-up right away, or tap the power-up button a second time to deselect it if you no longer wish to use it. To ensure your data is safe, please go to the Settings within the app the gear symbol at the top of the page. Once you've linked an account, no further steps are needed! Your data is backed up going forward.

Make sure your previous device is linked to either Facebook or Google through the Settings option within the app the gear symbol at the top of the page. Upon doing so, your data will be restored. Please contact us immediately at arcana nixhydragames. Just telling me that things will get better?

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Maybe it is saying that I will finally feel safe and secure and - happy because my finances will be in order and I will have enough money to fulfill my dreams? Maybe that is the emphasise - I will have enough not only to live but only to go after what I deeply need and desire for my dreams, I need money, a lot of money?

Or is it saying that I will depend on financial aid from my family? But still 10 of cups is a fulfilling card, so I trully do not know how to relate elements that do not suit the question. Any thought very appreciated! These are difficult ones. I'll start with the 10 because I got it as the outcome in a similar reading for a friend. The 10 of cups means that whether your are financially independent or not, your happiness is going to derive from your relationship with others, not your money. So don't lose sight of your friendships and family-life as you work on financial independence.

At the same time, I think it is a posiitive indicator, too. It is very much a card about community and the more positive aspects of co dependence, but it is suggesting you will still be apart of all of this once you've worked hard to make your personal achievments. In other words, you won't be Scrooge. Now, the 3 of pentacles. What did you feel after turning it over for the first time?

Don't read next paragraph until you've answered that! Now, a lot of times I read the three of pentacles as a "life craftsman". Here is someone who has mastered and comfortable with all three spheres of life: romance, work, and play. Not anyone is out of balance, just because you aren't obsessively gooey like a cups card doesn't mean that you aren't in love. Here is an individual who has harmony in her life and is satisfied and complete.

But that is just my generic interpretation of it. I'll get back later to this wind, I now have to hurry for work. But regarding the 3 of pentacles and love, I'd say you always have to work for love.

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New Releases. Description The author of Power Tarot presents a practical, user-friendly handbook on how to use the Tarot to answer key questions about romance, love, and sex, defining the meaning of each card in terms of seven important aspects of romantic relationships -- Emotional Potential, Sexual Potential, Financial Potential and more. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions

Romancing the Tarot Romancing the Tarot
Romancing the Tarot Romancing the Tarot
Romancing the Tarot Romancing the Tarot
Romancing the Tarot Romancing the Tarot
Romancing the Tarot Romancing the Tarot
Romancing the Tarot Romancing the Tarot

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