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Discover Music. Bring that horse to me, and I will give you the Firebird and the cage. But the wolf said to him: "I told you not to touch the cage. Why did you disobey me?

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We will not turn back now. And at last they came to the fortress where the horse with the golden mane was stabled. Then the wolf told Ivan: "Climb over the wall; do not be afraid, the guards are asleep. Go to the stable and bring out the horse. But be sure not to touch the bridle you will see hanging there.

L'oiseau de feu (The Firebird), ballet in 2 scenes for orchestra

He went straight to the stable and found the horse with the golden mane. But his eyes fell on a bridle hanging up; it was of gold and studded with precious stones: the only bridle fit for a horse with a golden mane. And he put out his hand to take it. But at once the alarm was sounded all through the fortress; drums rolled and trumpets blared, the guards woke up, took the prince a prisoner and led him before Tsar Kusman.

Even a peasant would not try to do that. But I will let you off, Prince Ivan, if you agree to enter my service. A certain tsar named Dalmat has a daughter, the beautiful Helen.

Carry her off and bring her to me, and then I will give you the golden-maned horse and the golden bridle. Again he went to see the grey wolf.

But the wolf said: "I told you not to touch the bridle. You did not obey my orders.

All right, get on my back. But this time the grey wolf said to the prince: "I am not going to ser am going myself. You set of back to Tsar Afron; I will soon catch up. In the garden the beautiful Helen was walking with her attendants. The wolf sat behind a bush and watched them, and the moment the princess fell a little way behind her attendants the wolf seized her, flung her over his back, and scampered away.

Ivan had gone some distance when the grey wolf caught up with him, bringing the beautiful Helen sitting on its back. The prince was delighted, but the wolf said: "Quick, get on my back, in case we are followed. At last they arrived at Tsar Kusman's fortress. But the prince seemed very sad, so the wolf asked: "Why are you silent, Prince Ivan? Are you sad? How can I part with this beautiful princess?

How can I exchange her for a horse? Then the grey wolf uttered a magic spell and at once became her living image. Prince Ivan took her to Tsar Kusman.

Discovering Stravinsky's "Firebird" : The story and the music (video) | Khan Academy

The tsar was delighted and said: "Thank you, Prince Ivan, for getting me such a beautiful woman for my wife. Take the golden-maned horse and the bridle. He seated her behind him on the horse, and they rode away. Meanwhile, Tsar Kusman made arrangements for his wedding, feasted all day and half the night, and, when it was time for bed, he led the mock-princess into his bedroom. But when he lay down beside her on the bed he found he was lying not with a beautiful young wife, but with a grey wolf.

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He was terrified and fled, and the wolf slipped away and out of the fortress. When the wolf caught up with Prince Ivan it noticed that he was looking sad again, so it asked: "Why are you so thoughtful, prince? I am sad to think I have to give up the golden-maned horse in exchange for the Firebird. When they arrived at Tsar Afron's fortress the wolf said: "You go and hide the horse and the princess. Then I will turn myself into the golden-maned horse and you can take me to Tsar Afron.

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The Finale brings the ultimate joyful celebration in a procession of rising scales, from the harp to the trilling strings. The Firebird ascends in a final, triumphant flash of color. And she moved me to tears. Even today, I see twirling this beautiful bird.

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Growing up, I have always been attracted by this extraordinary Russian music. And a plus for me is the recording performed by Riccardo Muti and the Philadelphia Orchestra. The conductor has long been a favorite of mine. Maestro Muti along with the Philharmonia Orchestra was the catalyst for one of my many trips to Paris!

The Firebird The Firebird
The Firebird The Firebird
The Firebird The Firebird
The Firebird The Firebird
The Firebird The Firebird
The Firebird The Firebird

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