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Bird flu: One of the scariest illnesses that you can catch from bird poop is bird flu , also known as H5N1, a serious virus that is 60 percent fatal in humans. Most cases come from farm poultry such as chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks. Fortunately, health authorities monitor large bird populations and their migrations to prevent and control the spread of this disease. To protect yourself and others, you should always avoid dead birds.


Histoplasmosis: This respiratory disease is caused by a fungus that grows in bird poop. Candidiasis: Although this painful yeast infection can come from other sources, it can also be contracted from the poop of pigeons. It affects the respiratory system, skin, intestines, and genitals. Cryptococcosis: Caused by yeast in the intestines of pigeons and starlings, this illness affects the lungs and central nervous system. If you live or work in places where these birds like to hang out, such as warehouses, park buildings, and offices, you could be at risk.

Louis Encephalitis: You can get this virus from a mosquito that has fed on contaminated bird poop. It causes inflammation of the nervous system and can result in paralysis, coma or death. Now, please forgive me sorry Dwayne , but this all seems a little… well, crazy. How is bird poop a good thing?!

Especially after what we just learned about all the diseases you can catch from bird poop! The reason why is because they eat mainly fruits and vegetables. Meat protein is what makes mammal poop smelly. Plus, humans and animals have anal glands which give off unpleasant odors. The smaller a bird, the more times it will poop in a day. For example, a parakeet may poop up to 50 times a day while a larger bird may only poop 20 times a day.

The next time you go car shopping, you may want to consider the importance of color. According to a British study conducted in by the British car parts retailer, Halfords, birds prefer pooping on red cars.

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In the study, more than 1, cars were observed in five different cities over a two-day period. The majority of cars pooped on were red. While there are plenty of theories suggested, no one really knows why birds would prefer one color over another. Are you kidding me? Birds are way smarter and cleaner than that.

They will poop nearby their nest but not in their nests. Soon after feeding, baby birds produce mucous membranes, known as fecal sacs. These white, or clear, membranes contain feces and allow the parents to remove the waste from the nest. When nestlings are old enough to posture themselves properly, they will stick their rear ends over the edge of the nest to poop outside of it. Pretty cool, don't you think? Yes, according to some experts, getting a bird poop facial at the day spa can make your skin look young and radiant.

Before you start wondering what this new generation is going to come up with next, you should know that this has been a popular treatment for centuries in Japan. Back in the day, Japanese geishas applied nightingale droppings to their faces to repair the damage done by the lead painting in their makeup.


As it turns out, there are enzymes in bird poop that cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Nightingale poop is especially rich in nitrogen which keeps your skin hydrated and supple, as well as guanine, an amino acid that produces that shimmery effect often used in cosmetics. Bird droppings used in facial treatments are collected from licensed manufacturers who dry the droppings by vaporizing and sterilizing them with UV light until they become a fine powder that is ready to be made into a paste with water.

Bird poop may not help plants grow directly, but it can fertilize the soil where plants do grow. For soil that is deficient in nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen, bird poop offers the perfect solution. Seabirds especially produce highly effective fertilizer thanks to their fish diet.

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Another way that bird poop helps plants grow is by spreading seeds. After birds eat berries, fruits, vegetables, and other plants, they often will end up pooping out the seeds in a different place from where they first consumed them. Looking for other strange bird stuff?

Check out our posts on the weirdest birds in the world! We hope you have enjoyed this question-and-answer list.

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Hopefully the next time you hear someone ask if birds pee and poop at the same time, you will have a ready answer for them. They will either be impressed with your knowledge of bird pee and poop or weirded out. Just keep in mind that knowledge is power. Drew Haines is an animal enthusiast, travel writer, and content marketer. She loves to share her passion through her writing. She lived in Ecuador for 6 years and explored the Galapagos Islands. Currently based in N. Hi Drew! Thank you for posting this, I have been looking into birdpoop for a while as I am currently busy with an experiment recreating artificial birdpoop.

I need to recreate the effect that it has on the exterior of a car.

I have used uric acid and water to make a paste but that slides off way too easy. Do you have an idea as to what would be useful to add to the mixture? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Just so you know, Jamaica Bay is actually in Queens, not Brooklyn.

Take care, Matthew. I knew that I had some relatives over from Brooklyn and got the 2 mixed up! Actualy I attempted to use fill flash, but I have a crappy sakar flash that is not syncing up with the camera!

Photos of shore birds, How did I do???

I have to save up for a canon , or EX with a beamer!! Thanks for the tip! Oh and yes I would love a mm lens, but I also enjoy being married :. MKW wrote: Nice shots Most of your shots are too centered and the large background with the small bird in the center detracts from some of your shots. Some of your shots on the bird are nice and sharp but by cropping the image -- you add much to your photo.

Also, the contrast is not optimized and will enhance the images. I took the liberty of making simple level adjustments and recropping. This was done quickly and I did not have the original image to work with. Also, to take snapshots of birds are fine but to get them in action eg. It is more challenging. These were right out of the camera. I know I have to brush up on my PS skills to optimize the quality of most of my shots.

The Moca-do-poo Bird The Moca-do-poo Bird
The Moca-do-poo Bird The Moca-do-poo Bird
The Moca-do-poo Bird The Moca-do-poo Bird
The Moca-do-poo Bird The Moca-do-poo Bird
The Moca-do-poo Bird The Moca-do-poo Bird
The Moca-do-poo Bird The Moca-do-poo Bird
The Moca-do-poo Bird The Moca-do-poo Bird

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