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Another connection, the owner of a pizza restaurant in Rhode Island, offered his commercial kitchen during off hours so Youssef could prepare his product for distribution. Business was going well, but working at odd hours of the night in a pizza kitchen was not a long-term solution. Martin and Pereira began discussing the possibilities with Youssef and Reem of opening their own store.

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The statistics for opening a restaurant are less than encouraging, even under normal circumstances. When they read that 60 percent of restaurants do not make it past the first year, and 80 percent go under in five years, they decided the best solution was to partner with the Akhtarinis.

And the community responded: the refugee community 17 refugees have been employed at Aleppo Sweets since its opening ; the expat, immigrant, and student community; and a consistent stream of Americans, Armenians, Arabs, Persians, and Jewish customers who come to offer support. Martin says the whole process has cast a positive light on her home state. It is difficult.


You alone are responsible for what you feed. Bearing witness can allow you to eventually come to terms with the most difficult life circumstances. The practice is always available to you regardless of the time, place, situation, or people involved. There is nothing that you cannot bear witness to, from dusting the lint off your sweater to living in a pit for two years.

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In bearing witness, you are actively engaged and embodied, even struggling, with whatever is arising. Sometimes spiritual practices can have a neutralizing effect, flattening feelings rather than stimulating them. To hold to the center is not about becoming a spiritual zombie; it is about living the fullness of your own humanity. You are alive, so be fully alive. The third tenet is Taking Action. It is impossible to predict what the action in any situation will be, or the timetable for when it will arise or what might result from it.

The underlying intention is that the action that arises be a caring action, which serves everyone and everything, including yourself, in the whole situation. Sometimes the action is as simple as continuing on with the practice of the first two tenets of not-knowing and bearing witness; the very practice of the Three Tenets is itself a caring action.

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And though the action that arises from the engagement of not-knowing and bearing witness is spontaneous and often surprising, it always fits the situation perfectly. Training with the tenets is a matter of taking a backward step again and again and continually discerning your internal processes in the midst of acknowledging what is happening around you. An effect of ongoing and consistent practice of the Three Tenets is that when you lose your sense of center and fall into reactivity, you also regain your center more quickly.

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Improving access to healthcare with the provision of health centres in rural and remote areas as well as outreach healthcare workers visiting villages to provide care. We build waiting houses next to health centres for expectant mothers to stay in before their due date so when they go into labour assistance is on site.

Provision of motorbike ambulances for mountainous terrain to improve access to health centres. Training local midwives who will remain in rural areas when qualified, training nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals to provide safe births now and for future generations. Ensuring health centres are suitably equipped to provide safe deliveries and improving referral systems between health centres and hospitals. As part of our Integrated Approach to Maternal Health we address the demand side and supply side interventions.

If services are available but communities are not empowered to access them it will only increase health inequalities.

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