The Troubles of Dean: A Humor Tale

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Is that all there is? The boys visit the false psychic capital of America and battle a vengeful spirit. This episode has a sex scene in it that feels written especially to keep "Mrs. Dean Winchester" scrawled on the notebooks of junior-high-school girls everywhere.

Dean Otteson and Royston Turquoise

Sam, Dean, and Ruby try to keep Anna safe from angels and demons. Alastair tortures Ruby until she promises to show him where Anna is.

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The angels and demons fight in a showdown, and Anna steals her grace from Uriel and flees. An intricate tale of church possessions with a spirit tethered to a painting. Someone who seems to be a faith healer is really just a man whose wife has tricked a reaper. A hint of things to come in later seasons. Heavenly Bobby pitches in, too, which is always nice, but ultimately, Metatron has no answers and they steal his grace.

Crowley asks Rowena how to remove Dean's Mark. Like Season 8, Season 10 stalls when the stakes aren't raised high enough. It's a Freaky Friday episode, and Sam gets to be funny when a teenager body-swaps with him. Turns out he's one of a group of nerds playing with black magic. It doesn't go well. Who doesn't love a good Nachzehrer story?

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Oh, that's a sort of vampire ghoul that's hard to kill. It's hard to explain, but don't worry, the boys kill it. And Sam finally has cheap dirty sex with a character who isn't a demon. We meet Ellen and Jo, a mother and daughter who run a bar for hunters, featuring white-trash genius Ash. Then they hunt a killer clown, Rakshasa.

Sam and Dean try to save a powerless Castiel from vengeful angels who hold him responsible for their ejection from Heaven. Meanwhile, demons and angels start possessing humans at an increasing rate. And as a special gift to fanfic writers everywhere, Castiel gets laid. Plus, his line to Sam and Dean: "I see how difficult life can be and how well you two have led it. I think you'll be great teachers.

238. "Bitten" (Season 8, Episode 4)

Are there any more burritos? A Supernatural take on the old urban legend provides some good thrills and a solid ending.

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The ghost of a murdered boy seeks revenge through a town's water supply. Amara, now fully grown, decides to get God's attention with some more slaying. She tells Dean that God, her brother, locked her away because he was jealous. Meanwhile, Sam believes God is telling him to seek out help from Lucifer in defeating the Darkness. No surprise, that doesn't work out too well, and Sam's back in the cage with Lucifer by the end of the episode.

Dean, near death after the truck accident, meets his reaper. Meanwhile, in order to save Dean's life, John Winchester gives "Yellow Eyes" the demon who murdered the boys' mother the Colt that can kill any demon, and his soul. A spirit seeks revenge through electronic devices and, unlike Apple, chooses a method other than forcing people to buy wireless earbuds. The boys are joined by prophet Kevin Tran's mom, one badass tiger mother who auctions her soul to save Kevin and the demon tablet at an evil auction.

Crowley warns Kevin to get away from the Winchesters because they have a habit of using people up and watching them die bloody -- a concept familiar to Doctor Who fans. An old hunter bud screws things up for vampire Benny when he was doing his best to stay straight and not feed. A trip to investigate the Jersey Devil introduces the boys to some very disturbing hamburgers, later revealed to be part of the Leviathan's master plan to keep humanity fat and docile for the feeding.

Bobby gets shot. Someone's kidnapping virgins. Dragons, who else? One virgin is sacrificed and returns as Eve, the mother of all of Purgatory's monsters. Actually not a bad episode. A cross between Carrie and Mannequin , this episode has some good thrills and laughs, not least from the way a conspirator to murder gets offed by his own real doll. We meet Sheriff Jody Mills, an important recurring character and the mother of a dead son who comes back to life and eats her husband.

Reanimation never ends well in Supernatural. Demon Meg Masters is back and working for ol' Yellow Eyes, tracking the boys. Sam and Dean learn their father is still alive, and they reunite to defeat a shadow demon. Mostly a vampire story, but weightier for two important reasons: John Winchester returns, and we learn that Sam Colt once made a gun so powerful it could kill anything -- even Yellow Eyes.

Dean is trying to adjust to life without Sam and hunting when he begins having visions. Turns out there's a djin a sort of delusion-causing monster on the loose -- but there's good news: Sam and Grandpa Campbell are both somehow back from the dead to help.

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In fact, it turns out the whole extended Campbell family has been hunting together for the last year. With God dying more about that higher on the list , Sam and Dean go to a haunted sanitarium to collect enough souls for Rowena to create a bomb inside Dean. It doesn't come to that, however. God and Amara reconcile, heal, and depart.

It's a bit of a letdown for a season finale, but after you have God as a main character, there's nowhere to go but down for a while to rebuild. A bunch of church virgins are being killed, but Dean recognizes one from his porn collection. A fairly minor episode about a Vesta collecting virgins, but there's something oddly sweet about how Dean and the porn star, two incredibly sexually active characters, relate to one another.

Also, it's fairly terrifying when the Vesta tells Sam he's "all duct tape and safety pins inside," when he has no idea that only an angel has been keeping him alive all season.

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Plus, Dean's classic line: "The scene with the tacos made me want to join a mariachi band just to be near you. Dean tries to help a young girl whose hunter father has gone missing. A former possession victim rescued by Sam and Dean misses his Demon and starts killing again.

Andy has the power to manipulate anyone he wants to with his mind, and much like Sam, he might owe his powers to Yellow Eyes.

Also, he has an evil twin who's kind of a dick. Dean tells Sam that their father had advised him to kill Sam if he ever turned evil from sucking down Yellow Eyes' blood as an infant. The boys track down other children of the Yellow Eyes' army. Complicating matters, unhinged hunter Gordon is back, and hunting demon progeny. Ava, another child like Sam, goes missing. Some solid setup for the Season 2 finale. The ghost of a priest who lost his way inspires those who believe they've seen an angel to murder.

Seems Sam and Dean have a half-brother named Adam. Well, they did. Ghouls ate him. Seems like it's aliens, but it's fairies. That's another great thing about Supernatural : every stupid monster myth is real in their universe, but aliens are for tinfoil-hat-wearing morons. The best thing about this episode is how gratuitous the title is. Barry Bostwick guest-stars in an episode about a magic deck of cards and an aging magician. Plus, the classic Henry Winchester line: "I never knew my son as a man, but having met you two, I know I would have been proud of him.

The Troubles of Dean: A Humor Tale The Troubles of Dean: A Humor Tale
The Troubles of Dean: A Humor Tale The Troubles of Dean: A Humor Tale
The Troubles of Dean: A Humor Tale The Troubles of Dean: A Humor Tale
The Troubles of Dean: A Humor Tale The Troubles of Dean: A Humor Tale
The Troubles of Dean: A Humor Tale The Troubles of Dean: A Humor Tale

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